pimp that pavement

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Yesterday I engaged in some low-key community activism and pimped some tree pits in my local area. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before shot, but trust me, it wasn’t pretty – those tree cages make tempting waste bins!

Most of the plants are hardy alpine groundcovers, although I did include some white cyclamen (because I couldn’t help myself!). A purple verbena was already growing, self-sown from a nearby garden – I only discovered it after clearing out all the layers of discarded drink cans!

Finally, for spring, I planted crocus bulbs which should compliment the apple blossoms nicely. For more pavement pimping ideas, check out


Author: j3dley

I'm an amateur gardener and enjoy admiring the gardening efforts of others. I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration and love sharing my discoveries!

One thought on “pimp that pavement

  1. Nooo you planted flowers in the street? Thats awsome! I love it! You re like a flower hidden hero in the City! 🙂

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