what a cac(tus)!


Each time I pass my local florist where I see rows of brightly flowering cacti, I can’t help but wonder what the secret is in getting these spiky delights to bloom. Despite a great show of colour when I purchased it, my own cactus (which I’ve previously featured on my blog here), stubbornly refuses to flower – no matter what diet and living positions I offer as way of enticement.

So the other day while passing, I spontaneously went in to see if the florist could offer any tips on getting cacti to flower. “Excuse me, ma’am”, I started. “I’ve been admiring your colourful cacti, and can’t help but……” “The flowers are fake” she shouted, abruptly cutting me off. “They are pinned onto the cacti. They come like this from Holland.”

photo (12)

Sure enough, on closer inspection, the flowers were made of plastic. True to the florist’s word, they were rudely pinned to each little cactus, in a fraudulent display of gaudy colour. And as my own cactus glares at me, triumphant in its prickly green glory, I am still no closer in knowing how I can coax it to flower.


Author: j3dley

I'm an amateur gardener and enjoy admiring the gardening efforts of others. I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration and love sharing my discoveries!

4 thoughts on “what a cac(tus)!

  1. I find it horrible when they pin fake flowers to cacti, sometimes they are even glued on and you never ever get the glue and the flowers off , it makes me really angry !!! Some cacti flower easily, others are more difficult to get into flower but every cactus need a resting period in Winter which mean it needs a cooler place and less or even no water, that should do the trick. Succes !

    • Thanks gwennie. It’s definitely getting the cool weather as I’ve left it outside, but it might be getting too wet. Getting enough sunlight is a struggle, but we are in C. London, so I won’t complain!! A big NO to fake flowers and cacti cruelty!!

      • wet and cold !!! that is not good, a cactus likes it dry at all times, it can take a lot of water when it is really hot but not in combination with cold, it will rot !!!
        I live in Belgium, we have shortage of warmth and light too so I know what you mean.

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