there’s foil all over that building!


It’s official. I have a new favourite place in London. Months ago a friend suggested I check out this amazing new green wall near Kings Cross, yet only last weekend with camera in hand did I manage to get there. I was completely blown away. The whole surrounding development around Granary Square is amazing. And in the words of a preschooler I heard chatting to his ever-attentive father, ‘there’s foil all over that building’! Indeed, it does look like foil, and the lightning-like flash creates such a striking visual display that brings the whole area together.

You can check the green wall out, and also a whole bunch of other photos I took of Granary Square (it has THE most spectacular fountain, which at night is beautifully lit), a cool fake-turf chilling area, and assorted flora and fauna along the canal.




How crazy is the ‘avocado’ colour of Regent’s Canal? I’ve never seen it go like this, but no-one else seemed that bothered so I’m sure it must be a pretty normal occurrence.

Here are some snaps of the fountain in darkness:


So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves down to Granary Square !!!!




Author: j3dley

I'm an amateur gardener and enjoy admiring the gardening efforts of others. I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration and love sharing my discoveries!

5 thoughts on “there’s foil all over that building!

  1. So what is the foil? Paint? I particularly like your “skewed” photo of the fountains.

  2. Wonderful photos! The next time I am back in London I intend to take a long walk along Regent’s Canal and check it all out. What a brilliant development. Thanks for the tour!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Definitely take a walk around kings cross area of the canal: there is so much to see. Sadly the ‘foil’ turned out to be an instillation which has now ended

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