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eco garden

Last year my friends and I ventured south of the river for the Cheese and Wine Festival on London’s Southbank. It turned out we got the dates wrong, so we missed out. We managed to go this weekend, and the food, coffee and cakes were amazing. But if I’m honest, what I enjoyed most about the whole adventure was discovering the attractive eco garden and green walls set up on the stairs leading up to the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Alpine plants, ferns, grasses, strawberries, and herbs, all in a native-style planting requiring next to no maintenance. They must have looked stunning through the summer, but the autumn colours were also attractive.

I’ve seen a few green walls this year, including at the Olympics where they were used to cover temporary structures, however we definitely need more eco gardens and green walls!!


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pimp that pavement

Yesterday I engaged in some low-key community activism and pimped some tree pits in my local area. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before shot, but trust me, it wasn’t pretty – those tree cages make tempting waste bins!

Most of the plants are hardy alpine groundcovers, although I did include some white cyclamen (because I couldn’t help myself!). A purple verbena was already growing, self-sown from a nearby garden – I only discovered it after clearing out all the layers of discarded drink cans!

Finally, for spring, I planted crocus bulbs which should compliment the apple blossoms nicely. For more pavement pimping ideas, check out