(dead) moss

Last weekend I stumbled across the most stunning preserved moss wall. My friend and I were in Milan for a mini-break to see Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and climb the roof of the famous Duomo. Wow. Both experiences left us with a strange tingly feeling, and definitely lived up to our expectations. It rained heavily the entire weekend, and it was while going from one shelter to the next that this bright green wall caught my attention. It was inside a design store called Sicis – it has some of THE most extravagant and outrageous furniture you can imagine – in the stylish Brera district of Milan. From outside on the street, I couldn’t tell if it was alive or fake, but on closer inspection (after the salesperson welcomed us into the store), it turned out to be made entirely of preserved mosses and ferns . The salesperson explained it is made by drying out the plants, without any artificial dyes, and will last up to 10 years if kept out of direct sunlight.

20140216-090116-pm.jpg 20140216-090055-pm.jpg 20140216-090017-pm.jpg 20140216-085946-pm.jpg 20140216-085926-pm.jpg

I’m not sure if I would want one in my own home (or could afford one), but it’s certainly striking and makes a great impact. For more examples of preserved moss walls, check here. Thoughts?!



there’s foil all over that building!

It’s official. I have a new favourite place in London. Months ago a friend suggested I check out this amazing new green wall near Kings Cross, yet only last weekend with camera in hand did I manage to get there. I was completely blown away. The whole surrounding development around Granary Square is amazing. And in the words of a preschooler I heard chatting to his ever-attentive father, ‘there’s foil all over that building’! Indeed, it does look like foil, and the lightning-like flash creates such a striking visual display that brings the whole area together.

You can check the green wall out, and also a whole bunch of other photos I took of Granary Square (it has THE most spectacular fountain, which at night is beautifully lit), a cool fake-turf chilling area, and assorted flora and fauna along the canal.




How crazy is the ‘avocado’ colour of Regent’s Canal? I’ve never seen it go like this, but no-one else seemed that bothered so I’m sure it must be a pretty normal occurrence.

Here are some snaps of the fountain in darkness:


So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves down to Granary Square !!!!