I’ve recently been considering a new hobby, and in these austere times have been carefully weighing up my options. However it seems that a solution has been at my fingertips all along, and I have decided to start a blog!

So what am I going to blog about? I’ll feature some of my own urban gardening attempts, but mostly the garden creations of others – gardens of all shapes and sizes  that catch my eye for some reason or another.  Beginning at the age of 5 when my mum gave me responsibility for a small garden (there is a Kodak Moment of me standing proudly in front of a newly planted garden bed!), I’ve always had a passion for gardening, and appreciating the horticultural efforts of others. My philosophy is that anyone can have a garden, no matter whether it be indoors, on a balcony, in pots, or in the ground (even if that’s on a temporary basis, as I have in my rented London property!).

In this my first post, I’m featuring a pot containing a mix of  cactus and succulents that I have by the front door as a sort of prickly welcome to guests and deterrent to would-be intruders. These plants all have special sentimental value having accompanied me on the long journey across the sea from Ireland, and were effectively the beginnings of my London garden. The cactus, a rejected birthday gift for a newly acquired, but not-yet-sure lover, the aloe, kindly given by a work colleague to treat a burn injury, and the delicate silver succulent, a native ground cover from rugged County Clare, are all thriving in their random grouping together. They’ll soon need to come indoors as autumn has arrived, and winter is fast approaching!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry, and stay posted for more plant-based posts!!