all things come to those who wait

This weekend was wonderful. After weeks of rubbish weather, we were finally rewarded with a run of hot sultry days. And a whole whopping 28 degrees C!

But what really made me happy was my cactus flowering after 4 and a half years of prickly nothingness (I’ve previously featured this reluctant bloomer here and here). After following some helpful advice from another garden blogger who suggested I locate it in the warmest/driest place  possible – no easy feat in my shady central London garden –  it’s finally a vision of pink! Here she is in all her glory.




I’ve also featured a few other flowers currently in bloom in the garden. With all the erratic weather to date, the garden’s not a patch on what it usually is at this time of the year. Thankfully the flowers here are mostly bee friendly and are giving our nectar-loving friends something to eat. For more information on how to create your own bee-friendly habitat and garden, check out The Bee Cause. 


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it’s all about the grass

I’m so impatient at this time of the year, in this dreary pre-spring gap. I just want to get out into the garden and make a start on this summer’s gardening plans! Winter planter pots, stunning as they may be (especially my own awesome ones), are just not enough. In my quest for some green-themed gratification, I was flicking through photos of last summer’s vacation in the Baltic, and was reminded of how well they do grass there.

It could be said that in some places, grass is relegated to the role of providing a functional surface for walking on (or in some instances to fill boring horizontal spaces). But in Riga, Latvia, grass takes centre stage. From spiky grass with big puffy heads stealing the show in pots, to swirling plantings of textured grass alongside verbena, it was one amazing festival of wholesome green stuff during my visit to Latvia’s capital last August.


IMG_6404IMG_6403IMG_6402Riga park

So if there’s one thing I’ve taken from my trip to Riga, it’s be kind to your grass. It can be amazing ;-). I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly and slightly demented post. I’m going to put it down to a likely vitamin D deficiency, most certainly caused by the dreaded February.